Team Fee

The Centerville Track & Field team has established a team fee of $50 per family. This fee was created to cover the additional cost of our JV staff as we have 10 paid positions for our program (boys and girls combined). This allows us to support two full levels of track (varsity and jv), having practice on days when we have meets and being able to send two separate staffs to every event, every day. It also allows us to have a safe environment daily and to develop our kids at all levels. I firmly believe it’s why we have been so successful over the past eight seasons.

This is a fee that can be paid at the start of the season. It is only charged once per family, so if you have a boy and girl in the program it’s just $50, same for 2 boys or 2 girls etc. We also offer the opportunity to work in exchange for the fee to be waived- it you work 5 concession slots throughout the school year under track and field (boys or girls) your fee is waived. The fee is waived if you are in free and reduced program as well. I do not want this to be a deterrent in any way for kids to be in our program but again, we firmly believe that this way is what works best for us at this time and we appreciate you paying your fee this spring.

Checks can be made to Centerville Track & Field and sent into Coach Somerlot