Coaching Philosophy

Centerville Track Coaching Philosophy

Many coaches use sport as a vehicle to enrich the lives and the futures of their athletes. Their greatest reward is not the outcome of winning but rather the process of training and competition that positively affects the personal development of young athletes. It is with these thoughts in my mind that I try to be the best coach, mentor, and role model I can be for our athletes at Centerville High School.

Participation in sports provides opportunities for athletes to grow physically, mentally and socially in positive ways. It is my responsibility as a coach to provide the atmosphere that will enable this growth to take place.

Competition is an important part of athletics but it should never be a requirement for a young person to participate in a sport. I encourage all interested young people to join our program and to experience the positive growth that can come from that participation. Our team is made up of competitors, who will get the best training available to succeed in competitive situations and to participants who will get the best training available to enjoy and grow from their sporting experience. I hope that our participants will one day be our competitors.

I want our teams to win our meets, but I have a much broader sense of the term success and it is that term that I work towards as your coach. When athletes and teams train hard to develop their ability, give their best in competition and practice and show the will to push themselves beyond their self-imposed limits, they are successful. We will strive for this success and have fun doing it everyday.