Team Policies


Mandatory every day for excellence. It is expected that you are here every day. Track takes time and if you are not interested in putting in the time then you are wasting everyone’s time. Attendance will be taken every day.


Our uniform will consist of the following- jersey/shorts, warm up jacket & pants and team bag. It will be passed out prior to the first meet. There are 2 sets of uniforms- regular season and post season. The cost of replacement is $300.00 for the set. The post season (map of Centerville) uniforms will be retired by winning the GWOC, District & Regional meets in the same season.


We will be very competitive within our team. No one is given a permanent position in any event. You must earn it. You should know during the season your teammates will be trying to challenge you for your positions and they will be working hard every day. Give your best effort so we can give our best effort as a team.

Elk Track Team Guidelines

  1. All incoming athletes need to know the expectations of the program. Hard work earns honors, meet time, and respect. No one coasts at any time.

  2. The program develops talent to its maximum, but it takes time for all to reach the individual limit of talent. Consistency will get you there.

  3. Past honors gained were the result of sacrifice and effort. Every team, every year must earn the respect of past athletes by demonstrating a true desire to perform to the team work ethic.

  4. All will succeed through hard work. No one truly succeeds through cutting any corners.

  5. Favoritism does not exist on the team but those who exhibit a desire to improve through solid effort gain respect of the coaching staff.

  6. Importance of athletic success in the present season goes hand in hand with desire to see all athletes improve by earning their way to honors.

We are in charge of a powerful medium of the teaching moments, and the athletic fields are where these life lessons are learned. One of the most important is that in athletics, one must pay now for success later. There are no short cuts to true honors in any worthwhile endeavor. Do your job and represent Elk Track and this team the best way you know how…with your best effort each and every day!

“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.” Paul Arden