Team Expectations

Practice Understandings

  1. We must practice as we expect to compete and that is simply: competitive, tough, mature, effective and efficient. We practice for results, not regret. We work in a positive manner to achieve positive goals. We support one another yet strive to meet our individual goals.

  2. We decide to push ourselves before others must push us. Then we will all push together.

  3. When we have a difficult time with our heads or hearts, we will not affect other’s positive attitudes or success in practice. We will put ourselves back into a positive climate ASAP.

  4. Check the bulletin board and the dry erase board in the locker room to see what we are doing at practice each day (meet entries will be posted there also). Warm up starts at 3:10 each day so get what you need and be ready to follow the plan and get better.

  5. Keep the locker room clean, vacuumed, and take all trash out everyday (captains will be in charge of this). You will each have days to do this each week.

  6. Practice is required every day. If we cannot count on you to be at practice every day, then we cannot count on you at meets.

  7. Practice is from 3:10 to 6:00 each day. Some days will be done sooner and some days we may need to meet later but the general; time is 3:10 to 6pm.

Meet Understandings

We are a competitive, mature, positive team of young people. It is that kind of athlete who excels on a team and as an individual. We will expect you to run, jump and throw like champions and act like champion team members on and off the track.

We will do our best each time up and expect in our mind to always do the best we can. We will prepare both mentally and physically for all practice, and competitions.

We will take care of our equipment and make sure we have everything we need each time we compete.

Each time we go to the line, pad, or pit, we will expect to do our best. We have worked hard and feel confident that we are prepared to do that.

We are the ELKS and we do things our way, the ELK WAY!

“Competition in its best form is a test of self. It has nothing to do with medals. The winner is the person who gets the most out of themselves.” Al Oerter