Who We Are


We have a season plan that will allow each athlete to reach his maximum potential.


Our ideas of track have been developed through several years of involvement as a coach and a student of track and field. Many of these

ideas are outlined in this booklet. The key is to keep looking for new info and figuring out how to make it work for us.

Surround yourself with good people

I believe that good people will outwork people with potential who are non-producers. Good people will execute under pressure because they

realize the total team picture. “Surround yourself with people of good character, not characters.”


We know that to be winners we must be disciplined. It takes discipline to work on your own, to come to practice every day, and to make sure

you keep your body healthy.


In any group the people who are successful have “class” and that class is very visible. Those individuals have three things in common ego,

incredible pride, and a great capacity for work.

“Let a kid lose everything else in competition but their ENTHUSIASM and they will come through in the end.” Coach Witt